Statement of Values

Dog Owner Responsibility: We believe that dog owners have a responsibility to provide proper care for and humane treatment of their dogs, including an adequate and nutritious diet, clean water, clean living conditions, veterinary care, kind and responsive human companionship, and training in appropriate behavior. This responsibility includes the right to make humane decisions regarding the welfare of dogs in the capacity as owners, not guardians. This responsibility will be fulfilled through objective measures of the dog’s well being and not determined by “one size fits all” descriptions of physical enclosures or other means of containment or control.
Public Education: We support public education about responsible dog ownership, dog training and behavior, and responsible dog breeding. Owners are encouraged to appropriately train, control and permanently identify their dogs and breeders are encouraged to provide reasonable assurances that the dogs they produce are sound in body and mind.
Dogs in the Service of Humans: We support the humane use of dogs in service to humans. This includes the use of dogs in sporting events, working activities, as service animals, in competitions, and where no scientifically valid alternative exists, in research.
Breeding and Veterinary Care: We support the responsible breeding of dogs for specific purposes and vest in the dogs’ owners the right to make decisions regarding euthanasia and elective surgery for their dogs in consultation with licensed veterinarians.
Rescue and Adoption: We support the rescue and re-homing of adoptable dogs and encourage dog breeders and owners to support dog rescue efforts. We promote transparency in reporting of animal shelter intake and disposition numbers so that canine population issues can be identified and addressed based on accurate data.

Legislation: We promote laws which support dog owners’ rights to make decisions regarding the care and welfare of their dogs. We oppose laws that redefine the relationship between dog and owner so that the owner’s constitutionally protected rights are in any way diminished.


*** The attached PDF contains the Constitution and Bylaws for Protect MI Dogs. Note that under Michigan law, it is a directorship corporation, in which only the Board of Trustees have voting rights.

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